Filling Line

Canning machine

소규모 Craft 양조장에 최적화된 전자동 캔입 장비인 Can Block은 6 position rinser, 6 valve electro-pneumatic counterpressure filler 및 single-head seamer가 포함된 automatic lid dispensing system을 제공하며, 시간당 1,500cph 이상의 생산 능력을 가지고 있습니다.

Technical data

Can Height range 115- 170mm (or on request)

Inlet product: DN 40

Work height from floor: 1.050mm +/-50mm

Display: colour touch screen

Approx. overall dimensions: mm 2150*1050*2350h

Machine manufactured according to CE safety regulations.


Labeller at inlet

Hot foil printer for labels

Shower at the outlet

Collection table


Bottling machine

PET 병, GLASS 병, CANS 충전을 위한 기계장비.
Isobaric machine은 모든 종류의 탄산 액체, 완전 살균제, 빠른 병 포맷의 변환, 낮은 유지 보수, 모든 요구에 맞는 충전 시스템이 주요 특징입니다. Filler의 특수 밸브와 ISO BEER 규정 시스템의 적용으로 특히 거품이 있는 상태에서 탄산 제품을 채우는 것이 적합하며, 맥주 및 수제 맥주용으로 사용됩니다.

Filling Rinser/Isobaric Filling/Capping Integrated Multiblock system 9 9 1
Rotary Rinser machine 9 clamps mod. Marea
Rotary Isobaric counter pressure filler 9 valves mod. Cervesia
Capper machine with 1 head for Crown cap
Rising Rotary Rinser machine 9 clamps model “Marea”
Rotary counter pressure filler 9 valves model “Cervesia”
Capper machine with 1 head for Crown cap
Closing - Base completely covered in AISI 304 stainless steel with height adjustable feet.
- Gears alternatively manufactured in steel and nylon
- Central lubrication grease points
- Speed adjustment by inverter
- Set of photocells inlet / outlet control bottles
- 1 (one) complete equipment to handle one bottle size.
- Electric cabinet in stainless steel, complete with main switch and emergency button
- Safety switches on each transfer star and cochlea
- Safety guards with panels that can be opened and equipped with safety switches CE norms
- Filler height with manual adjustable head
- Jetting device with continuous jet (Connections supplied by customer)


Disc Separators

Huading Separator의 Disc separators는 liquid-based용도에 맞게 설계되었습니다. 원심력을 이용해 액체로부터 물질과 고형물을 분리하며, 이들은 고형물 제거와 동시에 액체 혼합물을 분리하는데 효과적입니다.

- 맥주, 쥬스, 유제품 및 식품 분리(Beer, Beverage and food separation)
- 선박 연료유, OIL 윤활유 분리(Ship fuel, Oil lubricant separation)
- 광물성 및 식물성 오일 분리(Mineral and vegetable oil separation)
- 바이오 디젤, 글리세린 분리(Bio diesel, glycerin separation)
- 화학용 도료 분리, 약품 분리(Chemical paint and pharmaceutical separation)
Material Quality All parts which are directly in contact with the product are manufactured in Stainless Steel. The bowl parts are forged to highest standards and this results in a seamless bowl design and a structure that eliminates micro cracks.
Desludging The captured solid particles are discharged at intervals at full operating bowl speed. In self-cleaning bowl design, full or partial discharges are performed by a hydraulic function that opens and closes the bowl
Drive Mechanism The rotating assembly is driven by an inverter controlled electric motor and a belt or gear driven spindle assembly coupled to the motor. The rotation speed is adjusted through the control panel. Anti-vibration mounts are fitted to the base frame which is bolted to floor to reduce vibration and noise.
Lubrication The bearings and gears are independently lubricated from a single oil sump.
Frame The lower and upper frames are manufactured by high quality casting. Depending on the application the frame can also be manufactured with stainless steel cladding.
Clean in Place (CIP) The disc separators can be equipped with CIP system as an option.
Steam-sterilizable design (SIP) The disc separator in steam-sterilizable design, 137 °C

Brewing system

Brewing system

Brewing Pub 및 Micro Craft Breweries에서 필요한 5hl ~ 50hl까지의 다양한 규모의 브루잉 설비 및 기타 필요 장비에 대한 컨설팅 및 out-sourcing 서비스를 제공합니다.


설치일 프로젝트명 고객명 국가
2021.08.17 30hl 5 vessel Brewhouse Equip. Sevenbrau Hoengseong 한국
2020.04.13 Dipran Monoblock 16/1 Sevenbrau Yangpyeong 한국
2020.03.25 Framax Canblock 6/1-LE Squeeze 한국
2019.06.21 Framax Canblock 6/6/1-LE Craft Root Sokcho Brewery 한국

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